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Fotis Karonis

Senior Advisor

Fotis Karonis joined the Capgemini-Altran Group as Executive Vice President, Group leader of 5G and Edge Computing, in 2021.

Until recently, Fotis was the CTIO at BT Enterprise & the 5G Executive Lead at BT Group, driving 5G-digital transformation with customers in sectors such as intelligent manufacturing, healthcare, and transport & logistics. Prior to that Fotis was BT Managing Director of Mobile & Convergence, where he set up the 5G ecosystem plan for the deployment of the EE / BT 5G Network which went live in May 2019 - the first 5G launch in the UK and one of the first globally.

Previously, Fotis was the CTO of EE from 2010 and lead of the technology integration of EE with BT Group in 2016. As EE CTO, he led EE to be the first operator to launch 4G in the UK in 2012, establishing the UK's best 4G Mobile Network since. He was awarded Mobile Europe’s CTO of the Year in 2015.

Fotis also has extensive experience in the aviation industry, being the CTO of the new Athens International Airport, a greenfield project that rose to a highly regarded European airport. He also worked as a consultant for other new major airports across the world.

Fotis is a technology visionary, with a creative business mindset and passion for empowering teams to innovate, and drive amazing customer experiences.